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Your ability to conduct business may be vulnerable

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Cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 offer many productivity and business benefits. Unfortunately, it also exposes you to a range of cyber-risks. Whether it be malicious employees, careless contractors, cybercriminals, or the cloud providers themselves, your business faces the ongoing risks of data deletion, ransomware attacks, account hijacking, compromised passwords, and human error.

It’s easy to prepare for the worst with robust backups. For your Microsoft 365 data to be Cyber-resilient means you have separate copies of your data, going back in time, stored safely in different locations.

Is there only one reliable and true copy of your Microsoft 365 data – the one in the cloud?

This is known as a single point of failure. And while the cloud mitigates the physical threats to your data, the digital ones are constantly emerging.

To help you reduce your business’s vulnerability, we invite you to take advantage of a free consultation to assess your Microsoft 365 cyber resiliency.


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