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Which of these phishing scams have you heard of?

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If you thought phishing was just emails – think again. Today we’re at risk of scams on many platforms. Here are the top 5 to be aware of.

  • Phishing: The original. It’s where criminals send you an email, pretending to be someone else, like your bank, to try to get sensitive information.
  • Spear phishing: This is like phishing, but the attacker’s researched you. Learning your name or address to make the scam more believable.
  • Vishing: This is the voice call version. Someone’ll call you from an unknown number and pretend to be calling from a familiar company. They’ll try to check the details or get you to make a payment. Hang up, and call the company they pretended to be from.
  • Smishing: This is by SMS. They’re trying to get you to tap a link. Look carefully at strange text messages, and never tap the link.
  • Whaling: These attacks are planned over a long time, and target someone with a high position, such as a CEO. When they work, they’re very lucrative for the criminals.

There are many more! We protect our clients from all sorts of scams. When you need a higher level of protection, call us first.


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